CG Meeting Reports - Berlin Agenda

Berlin Meeting Report
Inaugural Meeting of the
Cities Alliance Consultative Group
17 December 1999
Berlin, Germany



9:00 AM Introductory remarks by the Co-chairs:
- Dr. Klaus Töpfer, Executive Head, UNCHS and UNEP
- Ms. Nemat Shafik, Vice President, World Bank Group

9:20 AM Opening remarks by Consultative Group delegates (including initial pledging)

10:00 PM Governance and Organizational Structure
Consultative Group
Policy Advisory Board
Advisory Committees

11:00 PM Activity Identification and Selection
Application process
Initial screening
Technical assessment
Approval criteria
Donor coordination
Approval and notification

12:30 PM Luncheon

01:30 PM Financial Structure
Activity expenditures
Core and Non-Core funds
Trust Fund agreements
Accounting and reporting requirements

02:30 PM Initial Cities Alliance Work Program and Budget
Cities Without Slums
City Development Strategies
Knowledge and Learning activities
Building political will and coherence of effort

03:30 PM Next Steps and Concluding Remarks

04:00 PM Adjournment