CG Meeting Reports


Frankfurt Meeting Report
Informal Working Level Consultation on
Design of Governance and Organizational Structure
of the Cities Alliance

June 9, 1999
Eschborn, Germany
List of Participants
Bilateral partners
  • France:
    Roger Goudiard, Deputy-Director, Policy and Strategies Dept., AFD
    Mr. Xavier Crepin, Chief Executive Manager, ISTED
    Francois L. Amiot, AFD
  • Germany:
    Ernst Eisenblaetter, Chief Executive Officer, GTZ
    Manfred Konukiewitz, Head of Infrastructure Division, BMZ
    Nassir Djafari, Sector Economist, Sector Policy Dept., KfW
    Gerd Sippel, Senior Advisor, Municipal and Urban Development, GTZ
  • Japan: Hitoshi Aoki, Director, International Codes & Standards, MOC
  • Netherlands: Bas van Noordenne, Division Head, Economic and Urban Development, MFA
  • United Kingdom: Michael Mutter, Head, Urban Planning and Advisory Group, DFID
    (At the last moment the United States representative, Mr. David Painter of USAID, had to send his regrets. He sent message through Mr. Konukiewitz that USAID and the U.S. Government remain very interested in the Cities Alliance and will participate in future meetings.)
Local Authority partners
  • International Union of Local Authorities (IULA): Jacques Jobin, Director
  • World Associations of Cities and Local Authorities Coordination: Nada Abgallah, Executive Officer
Multi-lateral partners
  • UNCHS: Jochen Eigen, Ag. Head, Urban Secretariat, UNCHS (Habitat)
  • World Bank
    Angela Griffin, Sector Leader, Urban Development Division
    Kevin Milroy, Administrative Officer, Urban Development Division
Cities Alliance
  • Mark Hildebrand, Manager