CG Meeting Reports

Informal Working Level Consultation on
Design of Governance and Organizational Structure
of the Cities Alliance

October 11, 1999
Agence Française de Développement
Paris, France

List of Participants
Bilateral partners
  • Finland: Raija Hynynen, Senior Researcher, Housing and Building Department
  • France:
    Alain Chetaille, Manager of the Policy and Studies Department, AFD
    Nicolas Frelot, Head, DCST, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    François Croville, Head of Urban Development Department, ISTED
    François L. Amiot, AFD
    Catherine Bersari, Conseil Général des Ponts et Chaussées (Habitat II)
  • Germany: Manfred Konukiewitz, Head of Infrastructure Division, BMZ
  • Italy: Anna Maria Ceci, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Japan
    Tatsushi Amano, Section Chief, Development Institutions Division, MOF
    Shinichi Sakaguchi, Deputy Director, International Affairs Division, MOC
  • Netherlands: Bas van Noordenne, Division Head, Economic and Urban Development, MFA
  • United Kingdom: Michael Mutter, Senior Advisor, Infrastructure and Urban Development Dept., DFID
Local Authority partners
  • International Union of Local Authorities (IULA)
    Jacques Jobin, Secretary-General
  • World Associations of Cities and Local Authorities Coordination (WACLAC)
    Nada Abgallah, Executive Officer
  • World Federation of United Cities (UTO/FMCU)
    Marie-Claude Tabar-Nouval, Head of Urban Policies
Multi-lateral partners
  • European Commission
    Michael Parkes, Urban Development Directorate-General VIII
    Jochen Eigen, Ag. Head, Urban Secretariat, UNCHS (Habitat)
  • World Bank
    Anthony Pellegrini, Director, Transportation, Water and Urban Development Dept.
    Kevin Milroy, Administrative Officer, Urban Development Division
Cities Alliance
Mark Hildebrand, Manager