21 January 2011: Cities Alliance Proposals Update, Donor Coordination

21 January 2011

Dear Consultative Group,
The Secretariat is pleased to provide an update on Cities Alliance proposals that have been processed since our last Update of 20 December 2010.
I would like to take this opportunity to highlight and share with you, for the purposes of donor coordination, one proposal, "Developing a National Slum Upgrading Strategy for the Philippines".  We would welcome any early feedback or suggestions you or your country-based colleagues might wish to bring to our attention and would ask that comments be sent by 4 February 2011.
Please be advised that for ease of access, all Proposal Updates are routinely posted on the members page of our website -- accessible through "Members Login" at http://www.citiesalliance.org . Kindly please create a personal login to access the new, updated, Cities Alliance Members Home Page.
Best wishes for the new year,

Susanna Henderson
Sr. Programme Assistant
Cities Alliance
1818H Street, NW
Washington DC


Cities Alliance Proposals Update, Donor Coordination - 21 January 2011

I. Proposals for Donor Coordination
II. Proposals Approved


II. Proposals for Donor Coordination
Comments, if any, are due back to the Secretariat by 4 February 2011

1. Developing a National Slum Upgrading Strategy for the Philippines
Proposal type: Slum Upgrading (Joint Work Programme)
Request to CA: $500,000
Submitted by:  Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC)
CA Member Sponsor: World Bank


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III. Proposals Approved

1. Colombia National Low-Income Megaprojects: Developing a Policy and Framework (21 January 2011)
Proposal type: City Development Strategy
Request to CA: $225,000
Submitted by: Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development and the National Planning Department 
CA Member Sponsor: World Bank


2. Malawi City Development Strategy and Slum Upgrading Programme (CDS/SUP) Framework Phase I (18 January 2011)
Proposal type: Both
Request to CA: $174,500 of $400,000
Submitted by: Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development
CA Member Sponsor: (JICA, UNDP) UN-Habitat, World Bank

At the request of the GoM, the full proposal ($400,000) has been split into two phases. 
The first phase ($174,500) will focus on developing a National Urban Policy and include the following activities:
Continuation of the Malawi Urban Forum
Formulation of an Urban Development Policy
Capacity development in Government Departments, participating Assemblies and communities

The second phase will be designed in collaboration with CA members to allow fro the consolidation of a number of activities being undertaken by CA members. See, also, the MOU with the Government of Malawi.


3. Technical Assistance and Guidance in the Implementation of Brazil’s Minha Casa Minha Vida Program and its integration with the National Housing Plan (PlanHab) (14 January 2011)
Proposal type: Slum Upgrading
Request to CA: $74,500
Submitted by: Ministry of Cities (Brazil)
CA Member Sponsors: Ministry of Cities (Brazil), World Bank


4. Central African Republic Towards Sustainable Urban Management: Improving Bangui City Performance Through Capacity Building and Planning Tools Development (10 January 2011)
Proposal type: City Development Strategy
Request to CA: $301,750
Submitted by: Bangui City Council
CA Member Sponsor: AFD, EU, World Bank

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