Moving On: The Journey of the Association of African Planning Schools (AAPS)


The AAPS is a peer-to-peer network of schools, departments or programmes, located at institutions of higher education on the African continent, offering degrees in city/urban and/or regional/rural planning. Compiled by the AAPS secretariat, Moving On tells the story of the association, its origins, aims and experience over the first ten years of its existence. The book presents the journey of AAPS and in telling the stories, seeks to show how the idea of revitalising planning education and practice unfolded, developed and is slowly being implemented.

The eBook features contributions from many people who played key roles in establishing the network, including Vanessa Watson, Babatunde Agbola, Tumsifu Nnkya, Peter Ngau and Nancy Odendaal. Cities Alliance has supported AAPS in several ways over the years, including facilitating its partnership with SDI and providing funding for its annual conferences.


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