Making Room for a Planet of Cities

Making Room for a Planet of Cities, a Policy Focus Report published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, provides both the conceptual framework and, for the first time, the basic empirical data and quantitative dimensions of past, present, and future urban expansion in cities around the world. This data is necessary for making minimal preparations for the massive urban growth expected in the coming decades.
The research suggests that preparation for the sustainable growth of cities in rapidly urbanising countries should be grounded in four key components: realistic projections of urban land needs;
generous metropolitan limits; selective protection of open spaces; and arterial grids of roads spaced one kilometer apart that can support transit.
Both Cities Alliance and the World Bank provided support for the report, which was authored by Shlomo Angel, with Jason Parent, Daniel L. Civco, and Alejandro M. Blei and launched in January 2011.
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