A Way Forward - Argentina City Development Strategies for Three Municipalities in the Province of Buenos Aires



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The proposed activities cover three municipalities in the province of Buenos Aires. Through activities on a municipal and inter-municipal level, the Argentine Federation of Municipalities aims to produce development strategies and action plans to revitalize local and regional economies and to ensure sustained growth in identified sectors, generate employment and achieve greater poverty reduction. The process itself will bolster a methodology for inter-municipal dialogue to ensure comparative advantages are identified and coordination is achieved in overlapping sectors.
The overall objective is to design and apply replicable processes to elaborate Action Plans for Economic Reactivation at both municipal and provincial levels. The specific objectives are first to carry out City Development Strategies in three representative municipalities, Florencio Varela, General Alvarado, and La Costa, identifying in each case the sectors with greatest potential for sustained economic growth, for employment generation and for poverty reduction, as well as the principle obstacles to development. The Development Strategies should lead to Municipal Action Plans indicating costs, timing and sources of financing for structural and non-structural measures to facilitate investment in “key drivers of growth.” The second specific objective is to create a dialogue among local authorities and the provincial authority to identify measures which require support of the provincial government, and which contribute to economic growth of a significant number of municipalities in the Province and thus to develop a Preliminary Provincial Action Plan.
Municipal-level activities will be carried out simultaneously in all three cities. Initially, preparations will be made by FAM by drafting TORs and procuring consultants in various fields. Consultants will proceed with collecting baseline data for national and municipal levels, conducting cross-sectoral surveys, and analyzing the collected data to indentify areas of growth, opportunities, and obstacles to development. Based on these findings, an analysis of drivers of growth will be undertaken, resulting in a strategy proposal and an action plan. FAM, the consultants, and representatives of the provincial government will carry out inter-municipal activities, commencing with an inter-urban dialogue to identify shared sectors and possible links. Priorities will be established and incorporated into a Tri-Development strategy and Action Plan. Sessions on a provincial level will assess the strategy and action plan to ensure technical and financial feasibility and secure endorsement at the provincial level. Reports will be disseminated in English and Spanish, presented to the provincial government, and made available on the web, including the Cities Alliance website
Expected Impacts and Results
At municipal level, a new dialogue between the municipal government, the chamber of commerce and the local government councils and a broadly-supported development strategy and associated Action Plan; and at provincial level, contraction of financing for priority sub-projects and use of the City Development Strategy methodology in other municipalities. As FAM shares information on the activities with its members in other provinces, additional replication of the methodology is anticipated in other Argentine provinces.