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Russian Federation


In order to consolidate and strengthen its recent success in the reduction of poverty (headcount 2000: 26% 2004: 18%), the city of Vologda is seeking support for its ongoing mid-term comprehensive programme of social and economic development: Vologda 2015.
Devise a comprehensive mid-term programme of social and economic development, including a set of targeted sector programmes that will result in financing specific infrastructural projects in Vologda Oblast; Disseminate tested practices to all Vologda Oblast municipalities that will include better public finance management, development of competitive procurement of social, housing and communal services, and city transportation system improvements; Strengthen the regional strategic planning approach of Vologda Oblast.
1) Development of a Comprehensive Program of Socio-economic Development including a set of targeted sector programmes and projects, funded both from the city’s budget and by private investors;  2) Development of a system of monitoring and evaluation; Preparation of Recommendations on Modernization of the Master Plan of the City in accordance with its development strategy;  3) Reform of the city’s development institutions, as well as administrative management structures; Development of investment projects fostering regional economic development.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Improvement of the quality of economic development and investment administration will increase the attractiveness of the city to investment;  (ii) A consensus is to be reached among stakeholders on the socio-economic development prospects of the city, as well as on the mechanisms for their implementation, strengthening the coherence of the local community;  (iii) Greater ability for city to respond promptly to deviations from the strategic development goals