Urban development and rehabilitation strategy for the city of Abomey



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The purpose of this activity is to develop, in a participatory manner, a strategy for urban development of the commune and rehabilitation of the city of Abomey that includes: a participatory assessment of key issues and opportunities; a land-development framework; and the clear articulation of a 10-year intervention program, including a priority action plan for poverty reduction in urban areas, tourism development, and achievement of the MDGs.
Key objectives of the activity include: Setting up a consultation mechanism for stakeholder participation; Identifying the problems, potential benefits, and needs in order to better adapt the strategic options to the expectations expressed (participatory methods and shared strategic vision); Setting out the strategic development thrusts for the commune as a base for negotiating with development partners; Preparing a special rehabilitation program for the historic city of Abomey taking into account its cultural and tourism potential; and Preparing a special program for the improvement of basic infrastructure and urban services in the outlying districts.
Establishment of a coordinating committee and technical unit; Development of a communication strategy; Participatory assessment of the situation in the framework of an urban economic profile— i.e. priority problems and hindrances; Thematic studies and/or consideration of existing studies; Definition of strategic development thrusts for the commune; Participatory articulation and approval of the commune’s urban development strategy; Operationalization of the strategy—short /mid-term action plans; Training of the stakeholders involved; and Documentation – urban forum on knowledge sharing.
Expected Impacts and Results
Design of the strategy for the urban development of the commune and the rehabilitation of the city of Abomey; Development of a ten-year action plan, as well as a financial evaluation and a five-year priority intervention program; Establishment of institutional and regulatory tools to better manage the development of the commune of Abomey and improve living conditions in the outlying districts in particular; and Strengthening of institutional capacities (for communal project management) and community capacities (decision-making, improving local governance).