Upgrading informal areas in Ismailia Governorate of Egypt



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Slum upgrading activities in the Ismailia Governorate, including phsyical and social surveying, physical planning and action planning using a wide-based participatory approach.
The long term objective is to upgrade the informal urban areas in the five main cities of Ismailia governorate starting with two pilot areas. The two immediate objectives are:  (i) To upgrade pilot areas, 'El Hallous' and 'El Bahtini', utilizing local as well as other funding;  (ii) To build the capacity of the local authorities within the Governorate through adopting transparent participatory processes to handle the upgrading activities including the utilization of the fund to guarantee timely recovery of loans.
1- Through a wide-based participatory approach within the pilot areas the various upgrading stages will be undertaken as follows:  a) Surveying (physical and social); planning (layout for improved access, infrastructure, and public facilities);  b) Action planning of upgrading activities (including implementing capital works and establishing processes for land registration and cost recovery of loan);  c) Actual upgrading capital works. 2- In parallel to this activity, technical support will be provided by Habitat to strengthen the institutional setting within the executive arm of the Governorate that will undertake the management of both the physical and financial aspects of the upgrading process. the built-up institutional capacity will aim at addressing slum upgrading at the Governorate level.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Strengthened capacity of the Governorate;  (ii) Improved access, infrastructure, and public facilities for, initially, two pilot areas, and the five main cities in Ismailia Governorate on a long term basis.