Transforming Lagos: A Mega City Addresses Its Urbanisation Challenges



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Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. It is an economic powerhouse, accounting for over 65 per cent of Nigeria's GDP and over 70 per cent of national industrial investments. To most people however, Lagos represents the worst example of chaotic and unplanned urbanisation -- the location for overpopulation, poor governance, crime, poor infrastructure, and pollution. In recent years, Lagos State Government (LASG) has begun to address its severe urbanisation challenges with the aim of transforming Lagos into one of the successful megacities of the world, a process which is worth documenting.
To identify, capture, analyse and document for knowledge sharing purposes, the transformation towards a better governed, more inclusive and liveable city that is ongoing in Lagos, one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
1.) Research, writing and packaging of study • Agree to working outline for study • Research and analysis • Writing 2.) Production and Publication of document • Peer review and edit manuscript • Manage production • Implement publication and dissemination plan
Expected Impacts and Results
It is envisaged that supporting the research, writing, publication and dissemination of the Lagos example of visionary urban reforms targeted towards to improving the lives of the citizenry and to creating a more successful city will motivate other cities, in Nigeria and throughout the developing world, that are facing similar challenges to learn from the Lagos experience.