Transformation of Mumbai into a World Class City – Phase II



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During Phase I, Cities Alliance supported the establishment of the Mumbai Transformation Support Unit (MTSU) to provide support for developing and implementing a strategy to Transform Mumbai into a World Class City. The objective of Phase II support is to further develop public consensus and/or technical details needed to implement the reforms and investments identified during Phase I.
Establishment of metropolitan governance institutions. Design of the Development Charge system, incl. rate, revenue sharing. Adjustment of FSI and attendant development control regulation regime. Design and pilot implementation of slum tenure reform. Planning of regional infrastructure and services. Development of the state housing policy, incl. revised policies for slums. Corporatization of public services. Strengthening consultation/communication for broader citizen participation in MTP. Establishing a Mumbai Observatory to improve monitoring and planning. Evolving a strategy to address climate change and mitigate environmental impacts of all development projects under the transformation agenda.
During Phase I, a broad framework and key priorities were established and the next steps are to carry out the specific priority actions through necessary studies, planning, and consultation as well as broadening and maintaining the overall public support. Most of the priority actions, listed at left, require detailed work that must be carried out by line agencies with substantial resources. For each of the nine priority action areas, the activities to be carried out by MTSU with the Cities Alliance support primarily consist of framing studies, planning and consultation to establish the direction and parameters of such detailed work to be carried out, after the review and endorsement by the Empowered Committee, by the line agencies and to ensure coordination among them.
Expected Impacts and Results
The long-term intended impact of the transformation process is the enhanced economic vitality and quality of life in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The transformation process is expected to result in a gradual reduction of the most extensive slums in the world.