Transformation of Mumbai into a World Class City



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This proposal is to support the process of transformation of Mumbai into a world-class city with the objective of improving economic growth, reducing poverty and enhancing quality of life, especially for slum dwellers.
1) Promote a change in mind set from incremental improvement to more long-term impacts;  2) Restructure institutional framework to promote accountability, with efficient and responsive service delivery;  3) Increase economic growth from current 2.4% to 8-10% per annum;  4) Improve and expand mass and private transport infrastructure;  5) Dramatically increase low-income housing and affordability; and relocate and rehabilitate slums and pavement dwellers;  6) Create dedicated “Mumbai Infrastructure Fund”. 
1) Build city-based consensus for proposed transformation including public and political support; Implementation of ‘quick wins’, including rehabilitation of eligible pavement dwellers;  2) Analysis of existing institutional, policy and financing frameworks and development of proposals for necessary reforms;  3) Develop a comprehensive strategy for improving slum conditions;  4) Develop a sustainable implementation framework including staffing and financing framework to achieve the transformation;  5) Develop long-term and comprehensive set of actions required for the transformation sought.
Expected Impacts and Results
The long-term impact of the transformation will be to create a world-class city, with success to be measured through increased economic growth, improved quality of life, including for eligible pavement and sum dwellers, increased participation of citizens and civic society in the transformation process and increased productive investments. As Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the country, any positive changes that occur are expected to breed success in other cities, positively impacting the urban fabric of the country and the region.