Towards a CDS System in Punjab



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This proposal seeks to develop mechanisms for City Development Strategies for the cities of Chiniot, Gujranwala, Chakwal and Pind Dadan Khan. The information gained and the mechanisms formulated in this process will be used to assist the Government of Punjab and its local authorities to set up guidelines for preparing CDSs and to develop indicators that will be used in provincial performance based grant and monitoring systems.
1) Start a process of strategic planning towards a CDS. During the preparatory activity, the focus will be on city vision, investment plans and institutional development plans that are responsive to citywide and citizen priorities;  2)  Develop a workable model for CDS preparation, and for the monitoring of local authorities’ performance that can be expanded to other local authorities in Punjab.
 1) Assessment of infrastructure needs (new, operations and maintenance);  2) Assessment of local performance in planning, urban management, community participation and municipal finance, and formulation of a proposal for improvements in each area;  3) Development of proposals for performance improvements;  4) Identification of required funding needs and possible sources for priority infrastructure and an action plan for the implementation of the performance improvements;  5) Development of CDS guidelines, and indicators for performance-based grant and monitoring systems. 
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Increase in the proportion of city investments in the 4 Cities resulting from the CDS planning approach; as well as the proportion of investments identified in this manner which focus upon the poor;   (ii) Development of performance-based grants and monitoring systems by the Government of Punjab, using indicators identified in the development of the CDS.