Technical Assistance to structure the National Monitoring System for Urban Settlement.



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The project was incorporated to the Thematic Program for Risk Management and Disaster Response. Given the work's innovative nature when compared to the activities currently developed by the National Secretariat for Urban Programs of the Ministry of Cities and other Federal Government activities that focus on the issue, developing, debating and consolidating a monitoring system that enables the provision of georeferenced information and data on urban settlement is essential. In the initial phase emphasis will be placed on landslide and flood prone areas. As noted above, such elements are fundamental to plan and structure the activities proposed for the system. We also plan to create a forum with specialists and representatives of various institutions, with the aim of building a system that is a truly useful tool for those operating urban policy and especially land use control. Understanding the challenge the issue poses to public management and aware of the expertise of various international institutions and countries, the Ministry of Cities has sought to establish partnerships to acquire knowledge and technical resources that allow it to meet the new challenges of the Brazilian public policy agenda. In view of the above, SNPU will structure and implement the system supported by the World Bank. In fact, upon reviewing its joint action strategy with the Brazilian Government, the Bank incorporated integrated disaster risk management as a strategic topic. Moreover, the Cities Alliance will contribute significantly to structuring the system by enabling knowledge sharing and providing methodological subsidies related to risk prevention. We furthermore recognize that the project is to a certain extent a vanguard initiative to handle high-risk areas. Together with other activities, it works by preventing the formation of informal urban settlements and reducing the population's risk exposure, an area of expertise of both the Cities Alliance and the World Bank.
1. Structure the Monitoring System for Urban Settlement by defining a detailed work plan that identifies the technical, human, material and technological resources needed. 2. Proposition a methodology to map urban settlements in landslide and flood prone areas. 3. Proposition and deploy a pilot project to test the mapping methodology in 5 (five) Brazilian municipalities. 4. Build an interinstitutional and intergovernmental space to fine tune the proposed Monitoring System for Urban Settlement in events, meetings and workshops. 5. Map urban settlement in critical municipalities. 6. Integrate urban settlement data with data on hazard prone areas in a single georeferenced database and post the data on the internet. 7. Consolidate the system and systematically update maps of urban settlements in critical municipalities. The initial consulting services are directly linked to the scope of specific objectives 1, 2, 3 and 4.
a) Institutionalizing an interinstitutional and intergovernmental forum to fine tune the proposed Monitoring System for Urban Settlement, to be coordinated by one entity (SNPU) and validated by another. b) Developing proposals to structure the monitoring system and mapping methodology for urban settlements in landslide and flood prone areas. This will be done by the consultant. c) Debating and examining the proposals presented seeking ways to improve them. Technical workshops with collaborating specialists and institutional representatives will be held for this debate. d) Adjust and consolidate the proposals to structure the monitoring system and mapping methodology based on the comments received during the workshops. This will be done by the consultant. e) Validate the proposal at the intergovernmental and interinstitutional forum. f) Proposition a pilot project in municipalities that already have georeferenced spatial information and data on susceptibility to landslides and floods.
Expected Impacts and Results
a) Created forum b) Proposed work plan detailing the activities needed to implement the Monitoring System. c) Proposed methodology d) Systematized technical workshops e) Systematized seminar f) Documents containing the consolidated proposals to implement the Monitoring System and Mapping Methodology for Urban Settlement g) Pilot project proposal