Tamil Nadu Urban Land Market Assessment for Chennai, Coimbatore & Tirupur



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The Government of Tamil Nadu finds that implementation of its strategic plans are being constrained by improper land usage policies. With an initial focus on the cities of Chennai, Tirupur and Coimbatore, a detailed urban land market assessment will identify both obstacles, and policy alternatives.
1) Improve the implementation of strategic plans; Identify land policies that lead to the proliferation of slums;  2) Identify necessary policy & regulatory changes;  3) Improve the capacity of the three cities to undertake longer term planning;  4) Improve the investment climate in the three cities;  5) Provide a model that can be replicated throughout Tamil Nadu.
1) Review of Regulations impacting on the Tamil Nadu land market, including national, state and local regulations;  2) Undertake a detailed land market assessment, including an analysis of past and present trends in urban development;  3) Conduct a series of workshops throughout this process to disseminate findings and allow for stakeholder input.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Improvement of access of the poor to urban land in Chennai, Coimbatore & Tirupur;  2) Identification of land use growth trends, facilitating more effective city strategic planning & implementation; 3) Improvement of policy and regulations governing land markets and land use in the three cities