Supporting the Design of a CDS-based Local Government System in Swaziland



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The Government of Swaziland is in the process of establishing a “single countrywide system of local government” and seeks Cities Alliance support to apply CDS principles of productivity, inclusion, sustainability, and good governance in defining the parameters of the new local government system.
The overall objective of this proposal is to support the Government of Swaziland through the Ministries of Housing and Urban Development and Justice and Constitution Affairs and the office of the Deputy Prime Minister in defining a system of local government that fully incorporates CDS principles. Specifically, the CA assistance will provide analytic support on the substantive economic, socio-demographic, physical, environmental, and financial inputs to Government’s process for establishing the new local authority political boundaries and administrative structures.
Task 1—Consultative workshop with the purpose of defining a framework for the decentralization process in Swaziland. Task 2 –Governance models for integration of traditional and local government authorities: survey of lessons, experiences in other countries in which traditional and local authorities have been integrated. Task 3 – Inclusive approaches to bridging the “urban/rural dichotomy”: assess the fiscal implications of new local government jurisdictions; develop rough estimates of investments that could bridge this dichotomy in possible new jurisdictions. Task 4 -- Identification and analysis of areas of investment and productive growth: identify the key growth centers and their associated “catchment” areas, and provide perspectives on the potential spatial distribution of new local government jurisdictions.
Expected Impacts and Results
Shape the design of a new local government system, including jurisdictions and the associated fiscal framework. Improved municipal service provision, sustainable investment and land use planning.