Support the implementation of the programme to recover 200 Neighbourhoods through Capacity Building and Strengthening among Local Actors (Municipality and Community) and Public Services



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This activity is designed to support the implementation of MINVU’s Program to Recover 200 Neighbourhoods, through capacity building and strengthening of municipalities, public services and communities in order to plan, implement and manage participatory, inter-sectoral processes in deteriorated and vulnerable neighbourhoods.
1) Provision of technical support to professionals in public services and municipalities;  2) evelopment and dissemination of experiences, methodologies and tools;   3) Development of one experience in selected neighbourhood for improvement of working conditions at home;  4) Development of experiences in participation, public safety, environment and cultural heritage;  5)Dissemination of strategies, and facilitation of the design of improvement proposals for the 200-neighbourhood recovery program.
1) Support to permanent teams to develop methodologies and tools to guide, evaluate and strengthen the progress of the initiatives;  2) Provision of technical assistance and training to improve and strengthen capabilities in project planning and implementation;  3) Development and dissemination of technical handbooks and instruments;  4) Development of a knowledge management system to provide support and transfer expertise to other communes and regions under the 200 Neighbourhood Program; 5) Design of proposals on new approach of public policies in housing.
Expected Impacts and Results
Documented methodologies and tools used systematically by municipalities; Improved quality of life in selected neighbourhoods; Women heads of households of selected neighbourhoods trained and provided with skills to tackle their working and social conditions; Necessary adjustments made by MINVU to the 200 neighbourhoods programme.