Sofia City Development Strategy - Phase II



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The initiative is designed to enhance the development of democratic and self-reliant municipal management system in Sofia in a manner that generates sustainable, long-term benefits for its residents.
1. To support the formulation of a city development strategy for Sofia through wide consultation with key stakeholders;  2. To develop institutional capacity that will ensure its implementation as well as disseminate these learning experiences throughout the country.
1. The analytical assessment: The initial findings will form the basis of a more in-depth discussion about the structure and trends in the local economy, its national and regional context and the various obstacles;  2. Framing the process: Two surveys will be carried out:  a) assessment of the main concerns of Sofia’s residents and community leaders and their vision for the future, and  b) assessment of Sofia’s business environment and potential for growth through interviews with established business leaders, foreign investors, banks, representatives of business associations, trade unions and NGOs;  3. Building consensus on CDS priorities: Several workshops will be organized to set CDS priorities, to map out Sofia’s vision and to define a strategic plan of action in priority areas. Additionally, this phase will incorporate curriculum design and training on strategic planning and public participation;  4. Creating local capacity to sustain CDS achievements.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Vision for Sofia’s future economic, social and spatial development;  2) Action plans for priority areas and investment programs;  3) Public participation and mechanisms for stakeholder involvement in Sofia’s planning process as an integral part of democratic governance;  4) Training and development of educational materials for municipal professionals: handbooks on urban economic base analysis, action planning and public participation;  5) Dissemination of Sofia’s learning experiences throughout Bulgaria through the press and networks for municipal cooperation.