Slum Upgrading and City Development Strategy for Nampula City, Mozambique



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Nampula, Mozambique’s third largest urban center, is experiencing explosive urban growth (6.8% annual), which has been mainly unplanned. More than 80% of the population live in high density squatter settlements with appalling housing, environmental and living conditions and deprived of basic infrastructure and services. The overall objective of the activity is to contribute to poverty reduction of the population of Nampula City and surrounding areas through improved planning practices.
1) To build technical and institutional capacity within the Municipality and increase public participation for ensuring more adequate planning and management of human settlements in Nampula City and surrounding rural areas; 2) To design in a participatory and consensual manner a city-wide slum upgrading plan for a gradual elimination of slums in Nampula City; 3) To establish clear and widely accepted guidelines for the integrated and harmonised development of Nampula City and surrounding rural areas with a comprehensive vision of the city’s growth in the medium to long term.  
Preparation of a City-Wide Slum Upgrading Plan through a bottom-up approach – Working through Municipal Neighbourhood Administrations, the CWSUP will mainly consist in the elaboration of 11 General Urbanisation Plans- one for each neighbourhood of the city. Delineation of a City Development Strategy for integrating Nampula in a wider territorial context, including: 1) Policy guidelines for transforming rural settlements into satellite towns; 2) Policy guidelines for the expansion of infrastructure and services; 3) Strategy for the attraction and spatial distribution of major public and private investments in the City and District.
Expected Impacts and Results
Increased technical and institutional capacity of the Municipality for delivering urban planning and management activities through public participation. Slum dwellers duly consulted and integrated in the planning process in a transparent and democratic manner All conditions created for initiating a large scale follow-up investment phase which will consistently improve the urban conditions of Nampula City in the medium term. A constructive dialogue promoted between municipal, district and provincial authorities, and established proper settings for reinforcing urban-rural linkages in the medium to long-term, which are vital to the economy and sustainable development of the city.