Slum Improvement Demonstration Project for Maputo City



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The Municipal Council of Maputo seeks to develop a strategy to improve the living conditions in the city’s slums with the direct involvement of slum community residents, working out the financial and technical needs for improved living conditions, including investments in sustainable infrastructure development, social organisation and greater economic opportunities.
1) Demonstrate the effectiveness of methods for working out, with community residents, the relative importance of their problems and formulating an integrated strategy to deal with them through synergies amongst the various actors;  2) Generate employment for slum dwellers in the process of improving the living conditions in the slums, on the basis of funds generated within the community itself and with as little financial dependency as possible from outside sources;  3) Ensure effective collaboration between slum communities and the central authorities of the Municipal Council;  4) Identify financial and technical needs for improved conditions.
1)  Recruitment of a senior adviser who will select the team which will facilitate the mobilisation of and technical support to slum community residents;  2) Establishment of personal and institutional links with the residents;  3) Discussions with residents for the elaboration of a plan of intervention following a definition of priorities to be addressed in the Bairro. Actions to follow would depend on the priorities identified with residents.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Improved sanitation, access to the streets in the Bairro, solid waste collection;  2) Greater resident participation in the solutions for endemic problems in the Bairro;  3) Improved communication between the Municipal Council of Maputo and slum residents.