SGF - Supporting Kiev for City Vision and Long-term Development Strategy



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
Participatory Consultative process: The project engaged experts and key leaders in the community and also facilitated an extensive community wide engagement. Consultations with the citizens were actively pursued using traditional as well as modern communication methods. Comments were invited through meetings, 1508 comments came by phone, 1551 by the official site (where the strategy is posted), and over 3600 through social networks (Facebook and Twitter). This engagement resulted in a series of strategic and tactical changes in the strategy including identification of an additional strategic initiative to address energy efficiency and the green economy, elaborating in more detail the importance of facilitating the growth of SMEs, and improving the local business enabling environment. Strategic Leadership Board: A Strategic Leadership Board, a consultative body consisting of 30 experts and managers from various fields, was created. This influential Committee of Strategic Reforms for Kiev regularly met with City Administration staff, the Mayor and other partners and ensured expert opinion on some key points in the process of development of the strategy. The Board will play strategic advisory role during the strategy implementation phase. Involving Youth: The City Administration sponsored a Youth Group to work hand in hand with the city administration. This ensured participation of youth in planning and implementation of various aspects of the strategy. City hired two young activists who shall represent a conduits and voice of youth in Kiev CDS implementation through planning and supporting various initiatives, projects, etc. Capacity Building of Municipal Staff: There is a need to identify potential of the municipal staff and build their capacity particularly in the fields of financial management, participatory processes, inclusion, indicators, economic development and businesses among others.


Kyiv, capital of Ukraine, is facing key development challenges. It is a city in transition suffering from governance inefficiencies, socio-economic issues and inadequate municipal services. The local economy has been substantially hit by financial crises and public trust towards local government is very low. The efforts to overcome these challenges are underway. Recognising the need, the city administration of Kyiv seeks assistance to design a long term City Development Strategy based on analytical methodology and participatory process in order to ensure future success in the practical application and implementation.
The main objective of the project is to provide external advisory support to Kiev in identifying its city vision and deriving a long-term strategy for action through participatory process in order to strengthen the local economy and improve quality of municipal services.
1) Hiring two international experts/consultants who will assist city in organising and completing the ongoing process of formulation of city vision and development strategy; 2) Three stakeholder workshops, that bring key stakeholders around the table once each quarter to discuss and agree on Kiev's competitiveness analysis (and SWOT), City Vision, and development strategy. (The consultant will play a discussion facilitators role along with senior representatives from Kiev authority and assist city in analysing workshop results to input into the strategy); 3) The executive workshop for most senior executives in the city and related central government bodies.
Expected Impacts and Results
The CDS was adopted by Kyiv City Council in December 2011. The Consultations with the citizens were actively pursued using traditional as well as modern communication methods and their feedback was sought on various issues. This resulted into increased awareness of the key players. A Strategic Leadership Board consisting of 30 experts from the field is established to provide strategic advice and oversee the implementation.