Scaling-up Urban Upgrading through a CDS



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The project is aimed at strengthening Karu Local Government as a satellite of Abuja Federal Capital Territory by stimulating change in behaviour and processes which will ultimately ensure that:  (i) community participation becomes an integral part of municipal business;  (ii) municipal budgets reflect and address the priorities of the poor; and  (iii) basic municipal services are delivered to poor communities in a reliable, well-managed and sustainable way.
(i) Improve governance by opening decision-making structures to inputs by those normally excluded; enabling coalitions to take the lead in actions aimed at making Karu more livable and economically viable, especially for the poor; and developing a strategic development plan;  (ii) Raise awareness among planners and decision-makers for the need for appropriate pro-poor planning policies and build a constituency for support of those policies; and  (iii) Improve living conditions.
(i) A corporate development strategy for Karu focused on economic growth and poverty reduction; (ii) A formal institutional mechanism in the Abuja economic Region that has the representation from alliances of poor people, business community, the highest level of government and civil society; and  (iii) Streamlining of land and services delivery mechanisms through understanding of tenure systems and property rights as outlined in the UNCHS(Habitat) Campaign for Secure Tenure.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) well managed and efficient sustainable delivery of basic services in poor settlements of Karu;  2) a sustainable forum for the advocacy of pro-poor and pro-growth policies;  3) improved living conditions and efficient services delivery in appropriately planned and functional settlements; and  4) changed life patterns of many of the commuters to Abuja for work and other income generating activities.