Scaling up community-driven development process in Phnom Penh



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UNCHS (Habitat) with the funding support from UNDP and DfID (UK) has implemented an urban squatter upgrading project entitled “Support to the Phnom Penh Squatter Communities and Municipality for Participatory Urban Development” since 1995 to support local community development efforts and capacity building in the Municipality of Phnom Penh (MPP). Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), a regional network based in Bangkok, has been one of the major partners in implementing training components, strengthening community development processes by building capacities for community members, NGOs and government officials. Through the proposed activity, ACHR will continue building community support programs to ensure the sustainability of community-driven development processes in Phnom Penh as well as giving support to the institutional build up of Urban Poor Development Fund (UPDF) as a key financial development mechanism supporting urban community self development on a city scale. UPDF is the only collaborative development mechanism providing credit for urban poor communities in housing projects and income generation activities in Khan community networks in Phnom Penh.
The overall objective is to develop a people-centred bottom-up participatory process, through which a Comprehensive Development Framework for the city with local partnership in each Khan (District) will be formed. Through this process and mechanisms, urban poor settlement improvement programme, expanding the MPP’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, will be developed. This will provide the frameworks for prioritisation of urban investments and influencing on-going development initiatives in the City.
(1) Briefing to the MPP and central government officials and other formal sector actors;  (2) Identification of the city's stakeholder groups with the assistance of the municipality and urban poor organisations; (3) Consultation with identified stakeholder groups including the communities; (4) Simultaneous concrete planning action/information gathering in each Khan participated by key development actors in each Khan especially the urban poor communities; (5) Action Researches conducted by CDS Working Group on community processes and on localised issues; (6) A city-wide consultation to reach consensus on key issues and approaches for formulation of City Development Framework, development strategies and Action Plans.
Expected Impacts and Results
(1) A comprehensive stakeholder list for the city; (2) A comprehensive information about development situation and possible plan in each Khan; (3) Urban poor settlement improvement programme including community action research for strengthening community based organisations, sanitation and shelter improvement activities (4) A community based investment plan for urban poverty reduction; (5) A comprehensive City Development Framework highlighting institutional strengthening programme for MPP and for the civil society for implementation of the CDS.