Salvador, Bahia, Technical and Social Assistance Project



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The proposed activity regards the provision of coordination and technical assistance, as well as the execution of social development activities, within the Ribeira Azul program in Salvador, Brazil. The Ribeira Azul program is a $60 million urban upgrading initiative in a 4 sq. km. area, with around 40,000 households (population 150,000) living in informal subdivisions and squatter settlements.
The object of this application is a technical and social assistance project, which will provide coordination and technical assistance to the entire Ribeira Azul program, and undertake to consolidate and write up the Novos Alagados methodology for further replication. It is also envisaged, within this activity to promote studies to support the preparation of a citywide slum upgrading program for Salvador.
(a) Support to the management and coordination of the Ribeira Azul program, through the provision of part of the personnel and logistics to the Program Management Unit;  (b) Technical assistance and socio-technical support to specific activities in the Ribeira Azul program (e.g. participatory information gathering and analysis, participatory area development planning, land tenure regularization, urban design);  (c) Engineering and architectural plans and projects for specific works that will be part of the Ribeira Azul program (e.g. the Scenic Road, basic infrastructure for the settlements, and housing for resettlement);  (d) Execution of social programs (e.g. health, job training, home improvement) and building of social equipment in the Ribeira Azul area;  (e) Studies to be used for the preparation of a citywide slum upgrading program in Salvador;  (f) Manuals, training materials, on-the-job training and workshops on the participatory and area-based planning and implementation methodology that will be used in the Ribeira Azul program, for use in the program itself and in other initiatives in Brazil and elsewhere.
Expected Impacts and Results
The Ribeira Azul program will regularize and upgrade informal settlements, and improve access to basic social services, for 10,000 households living in the poorest sections of the Ribeira Azul area, and also improve access to infrastructure and basic services for 30,000 households living in the more consolidated parts of the area.