Regulation of ZEIS - Special Social Interest Zones in the municipality of Salvador (Brazil)



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The purpose of the activity is to define a group of actions aimed at the regulation of the Areas of Special Social Interest/Special Social Interest Zones (AEIS/ZEIS) in the municipality of Salvador, including: (i) the elaboration of general urban legislation (AEIS/ZEIS occupied or urban vacant land); (ii) a social housing project in a vacant urban area; (iii) specific Regularization Plans according to the category of occupied AEIS/ZEIS.
The proposal aims to implement actions for regulating the AEIS/ZEIS in Salvador and to replicate these initiatives for all AEIS/ZEIS in the municipality. The actions aim to improve living conditions, combat poverty and introduce control, social and urban management in the various occupied settlements. The specific objectives are to: 1) Review existing urban legislation related to the occupied AEIS/ZEIS in Salvador and to prepare a new proposal; 2) Review existing urban legislation for the implementation of new social housing projects and to prepare a new proposal; Complement the actions undertaken by the authorities in four informally occupied AEIS/ZEIS-type consolidated areas with a view to the implementation of the Regularization Plan.
Review and elaboration of general urban legislation for the AEIS/ZEIS of Salvador. Revision and elaboration of urban legislation for AEIS/ZEIS on vacant urban land and for the Basic Social Housing Project on urban vacant land in Salvador. Preparation and review of the Regularization Plan for occupied AEIS/ZEIS in Salvador.
Expected Impacts and Results
Institutional: 1) Accelerated approval of new social housing projects, as well as new housing projects and projects for repairs and housing improvements involving SUCOM; 2) Preparation of proposals for capturing financial resources from national and international organizations. Habitat Improvement: Improved quality of life of the residents with the prospect of interventions and planning for the expansion of the areas and definition of project indicators;  3) Completion of land tenure regularization actions in the municipally-owned area for the ZEIS in Sao Marcos. Community Organization:  1) Increased involvement of the community in the process of quality of life improvement of the ZEIS.