Recife Metropolitan Region Development Strategy



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This initiative would complement the current preparation of the Pro-Metropole project whose objective is to improve the capacity of public, private and civic institutions to deliver and provide land, infrastructure, and basic urban services to the RMR.
Preparation of a proposed RMR development strategy; prepared separately, but in conjunction with the implementation of the Pro-Metrópole project.
1) Seminar: In search of a methodology for the RMR development strategy;   2) Identification and study of clusters: Tourism, medical services and informatics;  3) Promoting partnerships for development; Volunteerism and Philantropy:  How to induce and coordinate private sector and community’s participation in the tackling of areas’ social problems (health, violence, employment, etc);   4) Strategies: a methodology on how to internalize the strategizing mentality; A strategy to improve the situation of the poor: the various dimensions of poverty:  (i) income; (ii) services; (iii) wealth
Expected Impacts and Results
The RMR development strategy would provide, in the vein of the Pro-Northeast Initiative, information and public-private coordination on private investment opportunities at city level.