Public-Private Partnership for the Provision of Sanitation Services in La Cabima, Panama City



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To design and implement a community-managed and sustainable sanitation system in La Cabima, within the framework of a city-wide programme, for possible replication throughout Panama.
1) To improve the quality of life and health conditions for the urban poor through a sustainable approach to sanitation;  2) To protect the watershed supplying some 50% of Panama City’s water;  3) To protect the quality of fresh water used by the Panama Canal transit, which is the primary source of national income;  4) To protect the Pacific Ocean Coastal Zones of the Gulf of Panama.
In Phase 1, a detailed feasibility study, incorporating:  1) Community survey, including capacity to pay;  2)  Identification of options;  3) Design of a sustainable financial model;  4) Identification of a management structure;  5) Identification of appropriate land for a treatment site;  6) Undertaking of an environmental impact assessment. In Phase 2, investment funds will be accessed from a variety of sources, public and private, and the approach will be utilised for replication elsewhere in the country.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Improvement in the daily living conditions of the residents of La Cabima, including decline in health problems;  2) Improvement in the water quality for Panama City, and decline in the levels of pollution;  3) Demonstrated financial viability and sustainability of a community-managed sanitation system.