Preparatory Grant Request Towards Ghana’s New Direction In Support Of Sub National Government Infrastructure Development And Service Delivery



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The proposed activities are a result of the MOU signed by the Government of Ghana and the Cities Alliance in February 2008. In keeping with its aim to "engage the legal framework for the development and management of the local government finance and credit market", the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Environment is requesting preparatory funding for the strengthening and capacity building of the Municipal Finance and Management Initiative (MFMI) Secretariat. The Secretariat's initial task will be to ensure the passage of a proposed Local Government Finance Bill aimed at defining an institutional mechanism and framework for assisting local governments in developing strategies and programs to ensure adequate and sustainable resources for sub-national level infrastructure, service delivery, and development projects. Follow-up investments are expected from national and international partners as a result of the planned initial activities.
The main objective of these preparatory activities is to ensure the passage of a proposed Finance Bill aimed at urban poverty alleviation. The proposed activities can be summed up in two specific objectives: 1) Organization of workshops and seminars targeting legislators to ensure the passage of the proposed Finance Bill to be debated in Parliament in October 2008; 2) Capacity building of the MFMI Secretariat through the improvement of its technological infrastructure and the strengthening of staff.
The sequencing of activities will be as follows: 1) Procurement of equipment and software; 2)Development of programs; 3) Development of workshop programs; 4) Organization of workshops; 5) Report writing and submission
Expected Impacts and Results
The intent of the Secretariat is to serves as a link between various levels of government and advocacy groups, thus ensuring sustained interaction between all levels of involved stakeholders. The Secretariat will work toward consensus building around policy issues relevant to urban poverty, and providing visibility for human settlement development advocacy groups. The passing of the Local Government Finance Bill is an important step in providing a new course for municipalities in addressing urban poverty alleviation and urban sprawl.