Preparatory Grant for the Development of a State of Mozambican Cities Report



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Urban areas in Mozambique are facing significant challenges due to rapid urbanization. The root of several urban problems in Mozambique can be attributed to poor governance. Recently, the city of Maputo has taken on the challenge of preparing a strategic development plan, and three other cities are in the process of preparing City Development Strategy proposals. Such effort, however, are challenged by the lack of adequate and reliable data on which to base its strategic plans. A State of Mozambican Cities Report is intended to prove a valuable foundation for city development strategies, local and national policies, and as a benchmark for performance monitoring and evaluation. The National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique seeks funding to prepare a full-scale proposal for submission to Cities Alliance for a State of the Mozambican Cities Report.
The primary objective is to prepare a proposal for submission to Cities Alliance for a State of Mozambican Cities Report. A State of the Cities Report will provide much needed information base on Mozambican cities and create a sound foundation for good urban governance.
1) Hiring of consultants to work closely with the National Association of Municipalities of Mozambique to gather information and achieve consensus on what the final proposal should contain; 2) Identification of the stakeholders to be involved; 3) Mobilization of the relevant actors; 4) Review of available data (such as Census 2007, implementation of PARPA, different municipal and national development reports) and assessment of their reliability, and consolidation of all gathered information; 5) Consultative process through workshops, direct contacts, etc.; 6) Preparation of the application; 7) Submission of final full application to Cities Alliance
Expected Impacts and Results
The project encouraged various local, national and international stakeholders to participate in the process.