Preparatory Grant for the Development of a CDS for Vilankulo



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The activity is a preparatory phase for a fully developed pro-poor CDS proposal (with SUP components) to be sent to the Cities Alliance.
In the prep phase, develop a full CDS/SU application that will:  1. address growing urban settlement challenges;  2. identify economic development and employment opportunities; 3. upgrade current informal settlement areas to allow for water and sanitation provision, proper drainage and decongestion;  4. produce all essential inputs of various stakeholders for developing a 10 year CDS to be adopted by the municipal authorities to mobilize public and private investment to implement this strategy;   5. determine necessary adjustments to municipal budget, identifying own-source revenues, stakeholder and potential capital market sources aimed at implementing the strategy for approval from all relevant official parties.
A facilitator and a municipal planning specialist will work with the Mayor and Municipal Assembly and engage in discussions with identified stakeholders to gather information to achieve consensus on the full application for a CA grant. The sequencing of activities is envisioned as follows:  1) hiring of consultants;  2) consultative process;  3) preparation of first draft of full application;  4) second consultative process; and  5) submission of final full application.
Expected Impacts and Results
The full application for a CA CDS / SUP grant, reflecting the needs and priorities identified by the stakeholders of Chimoio