Preparatory Assistance for Lagos Strategy Development



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To provide preparatory assistance to Lagos State Government’s plans to introduce a long-term strategy for reform and investment.
1) To assist Lagos State Government (LSG) to design and obtain support for a comprehensive CDS; To assist LSG identify the major obstacles to economic growth and poverty reduction; 2) To assist LSG design a process to implement a comprehensive city development strategy;  3) To assist LSG identify other cities and countries with whom to share experience;  4) To involve the World Bank and other Cities Alliance members in providing coordinated and coherent support.
1) Provide ongoing critical support and advice to Lagos State Government Undertake preparatory missions to Lagos;  2) Identify and liaise with appropriate cities and countries that could assist Lagos;  3) Engage with Cities Alliance members that could assist in the provision of support to LSG Build a support team between the World Bank, Cities Alliance members and the Alliance Secretariat.
Expected Impacts and Results
The most significant impact will be on the long-term reform strategy of Lagos State Government, most likely through the initiation of a comprehensive city development strategy supported by the Cities Alliance. Additionally, there is also an expectation of an impact on the strategic approach of the World Bank itself, both within the country office and within the urban anchor, with a shift towards a longer-term partnership with a reform minded city/state.