Preparatory Activities for Philippines: Expansion of CDS Program



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Preparatory activities to develop a support strategy to expand the CDS program with the National League of Cities, and to support citywide upgrading.
The objective of the proposed activities is to initiate a process to inculcate the participatory CDS approach in the urban policy framework of the Philippines. The overall goal of the initiative is for CDS cities, both local and inetrnational, to promote CDSs as one of the primary tools for the prioritization of "inclusive" intervention strategies, action plans and supporting investments through the establishment of a network of local government officals and professionals who will extend their assistance.
1. Commencement of the preparation;  2. Review the process and outcomes of the existing seven CDSs. Discuss the working arrangements for the expansion of CDS in the Philippines among the League of Cities in the Philippines (LCP), UNCHS and the Bank. Draft the initial proposal for further consultations;  3. Discuss the lessons learned from the existing CDSs with the key existing CDS mayors and officials. Consult the appropriate role of resource cities with the key CDS mayors and officials. Discuss deliverables of and action/budget plan for the expansion of CDS in the Philippines among LCP, UNCHS and the Bank. Design a basic framework of knowledge base building and knowledge sharing between the resource cities and the newly participating cities;  4. Conclude the working arrangements. for Finalize and submit the proposal for “Poverty-Focused CDS in the Philippines”.
Expected Impacts and Results
This preparatory grant will result in a full-scale proposal to Cities Alliance with the aim of expanding the CDS program in the Philippines.