Preparation of a Proposal on Making Urban Investment Planning Work. Building on the Indonesian CDS Process



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Proposal Focus
Core Focus
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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
The finance arrangements for the project require innovative approaches, but so far the discussion to create planning synergies is seen as positive.


The purpose of the preparatory grant is to prepare a proposal for submission to Cities Alliance with the aim of adjusting and updating CDS-inspired procedures to converge with evolving governance systems and to allow for more public investments in more sectors in more cities.
Specific objectives of the proposal are to:1) Adjust the process to better proceed from planning to budgeting, both at national and local levels; 2)Develop a better procedure for the application of concessional investment funding from local authorities to the MOF;  3) Support cities in preparing more detailed and clearly targeted pro-poor strategies and action plans currently seen as too general; 4) Further detail out city investment priorities and link these with broader investment opportunities than one World Bank loan vehicle.
Conduct consultations with key city and government supporting agencies and stakeholders on key issues to be addressed; Provide a brief overview of urban and regional development issues in selected provinces and cities, and of lessons learned from CDS1 and other development initiatives made hitherto; Hold consultations with international agencies and donors (incl. ADB, WB, EU, GTZ, JICA and others) to coordinate activities and build collaborative partnerships focused on participatory urban governance; Develop a grant proposal for CA funding; and Agree on institutional arrangements and drafting of TORs.
Expected Impacts and Results
Renewed efforts by national authorities and related stakeholders to improve procedures allowing more applications from local authorities for urban investments to be successful.