Preparation of the Mbabane Comprehensive Slum Upgrading and Finance Programme (MUFP)



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The proposal is to produce the framework for facilitating development of a comprehensive Urban Upgrading and Finance Programme (MUFP) for Mbabane. The plan will be used to guide Mbabane City Council’s (MCC) citywide upgrading programme in its informal settlements and peri-urban areas, improve management and planning for increased urbanisation, improve integration of the urban poor in the city and strengthen security of tenure. It will also design sustainable institutional arrangements to deliver the MUFP, given the severe technical capacity constraints that are hampering MCC programmes. The MUFP represents the next evolutionary step to scaling-up to citywide level.
The objective for the activity is to provide a practical and achievable plan for the development of the MUFP. The plan will also include endorsement from Mbabane City Council, identification of counter-funding and a detailed application form for the MUFP.
The work will consist of producing a framework, initial action plan and indicative budget for the development of the MUFP.
Expected Impacts and Results
The outputs of this proposal will comprise a viable activity plan, comprising a framework, action plan and budget for the development of the MUFP. The impact will be to initiate buy-in and forward planning by the MCC in anticipation of the MUFP. There will be no quantitative output of the activity plan to be financed under this proposal.