Peshawar CDS & City Assistance Program



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The aim of this proposal is to assist the stakeholders of the city in articulating their vision for the city, and develop a concrete action program to realize this vision. Furthermore, it will assist PMC and other key local agencies to strengthen their capacities in urban governance and management.
The principal objective of the proposed City Development Strategy (CDS) for Peshawar, Pakistan is to assist Peshawar Municipal Corporation (PMC) in improving livability, competitiveness, bankability, and good governance and management by jointly working with various national and local-level stakeholders, and other bilateral and multilateral development partners, through a holistic and participatory process.
(a) Develop a comprehensive set of indicators for monitoring and long-term evaluation;  (b) Undertake a detailed assessment of local stakeholders;  (c) Assess immediate and long-term needs;  (d) Develop a comprehensive City Development Strategy.
Expected Impacts and Results
a) a detailed assessment of stakeholders and long-term stakeholder participation plan (that goes beyond the life of the current CDS exercise;  (b) a comprehensive City Development Strategy; and  (c) a City Assistance Program, identifying immediate actions, and medium and long terms programs; and  (d) comprehensive monitoring indicators and a long-term program for evaluating these indicators.