National Dialogue on City-wide Slum Upgrading



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This activity is designed to contribute to a national commitment and shared vision for scaling up slum upgrading across the major cities of Iran.
1) To support a national policy debate on citywide slum upgrading;  2) To expose policy makers to international examples of citywide and nationwide approaches to slum upgrading;  3) To identify a range of policy options for Iran;  4) To strengthen collaboration between different tiers of government and agencies dealing with urban upgrading
1) Presentations of relevant international large-scale upgrading experiences;  2) Undertake a number of smaller workshops to improve participation and identify relevant options for Iran;  3) Design, prepare and manage the first national dialogue on slum upgrading in Iran, culminating in a national workshop.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Impropved understanding of international approaches to citywide and nationwide upgrading;  2) The major impacts are expected in the policy approach of national and local governments, with a decisive shift away from isolated project activities in favour of participatory citywide programmes;  3) This being the first national approach in the MENA region, there may be impacts in other countries in MENA in due course