Nairobi City Development Strategy and Upgrading of informal settlements.



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The activity will involve a review of the state of affairs in the city. This will be done in a participatory approach similar to earlier efforts by the citizens of Nairobi in what was called the "City We Want - Action Towards a better Nairobi" , carried out in 1993, and also following the City Environmental Profile approach of the Sustainable Cities Programme. The proposed activities aim at developing a strategy for managing the development and growth of Nairobi.
The objective of this activity is to assist Nairobi City Council to develop a strategy for managing the development and growth of Nairobi through addressing city management and administration issues (governance) and delivery of services to an increasing population. The upgrading of informal settlements will be undertaken to address problems of about 75 % of the city population.
Through a participatory approach involving all stakeholders - communities, neighbourhood associations, the commercial sector, industrialists, learning institutions and government institutions - a consensus on what needs to be done, by whom, with what and over what time will be developed. The strategy will be for addressing management and administration issues, delivery of services and the growth of the city.
Expected Impacts and Results
The expected result of this activity is to produce a strategy of turning the city around and setting up on a process of effective management, development and growth. This will also include specific strategy for upgrading of the informal settlements.