Malawi City Development Strategy and Slum Upgrading Programme (CDS/SUP) Framework Phase I



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
• Government leadership and coordination is key to bring integration and synergies between various activities and interventions and strengthening partnerships. • The successful engagement of the NGO CCODE to strengthening interventions at the municipal and community levels has demonstrated the value of civil society engagement in supporting slum upgrading.


With only 20 per cent of its population classified as urban and therefore one of the least urbanised countries in Africa, Malawi is nonetheless one of the most urbanising counties on the continent at 5.2 percent per year. The implications of rapid urbanisation without matching services and houses include increasing number of households living in poor housing, inadequate services and infrastructure and services and high levels of unemployment. Urbanisation in Malawi has become synonymous with poverty and slum growth. The Malawi City Development Strategy and Slum Upgrading Programme (CDS/SUP) seeks to improve the lives of people living and working in the slums and informal settlements in urban areas in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu mand Zomba as well as building capacity of government local authorities and communities to effectively address poor living conditions in the slums and strategies to reduce further growth
The overall objective of this proposal is to formulate city development strategies and a slum upgrading programme covering the four cities of Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba in partnership with central and local governments, development partners, civil society, urban poor communities and the private sector. The specific objectives are: 1) To develop city-wide development strategies for the cities of Blantyre Lilongwe, Mzuzu and Zomba and to facilitate efficient urban management and development; 2) To develop comprehensive national slum upgrading programme and strategies to upgrade slums and prevent the formulation of new slums; 3) To strengthen the institutional framework and coordination for urban planning, land management systems and provision of shelter; 4) To establish a sustainable system of financing urban development with specific attention to slum upgrading. These components and how to address them will be elaborated in city development strategies which will be designed to provide the framework for promoting the realization of slum upgrading and slum prevention.
National Urban Forum Capacity Building for Slum Upgrading National Urban Policy
Expected Impacts and Results
Most of the key outputs have been delivered including the support to the Malawi Urban Forum, support to capacity strengthening for slum upgrading. The National Urban Policy is not yet delivered but the formulation process is well underway.