Local Partnership for Poverty focused CDS in Hyderabad



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The proposed project aims to formulate a City Development Strategy for Hyderabad, and to institutionalize sustainable delivery mechanisms at a community level.
(i) Develop a Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) for Hyderabad (ii) Formulate the Strategic Action Plan (SAP) and the City Assistance Programme (CAP) based on the Comprehensive Development Framework (iii) Institutionalise a Sustainable Delivery Mechanism at the community level (iv) Secure adoption of elements of the Strategic Action Plan and City Assistance Programme by development agencies (v) Document and disseminate the city consultation experience
1) Identification of the city's stakeholder groups; 2) Capacity Assessment of stakeholder groups; 3) Setting up the Programme Steering Committee (PSC), led by MCH; 4) Contracting LPI; 5) Preparation of the detailed Work Plan; 6) Consultation with identified stakeholder groups; 7) Preparation of background documents; 8) A city-wide consultation to reach consensus on key issues and approaches for formulation of City Development Strategy, comprising a Comprehensive Development Framework, Strategic Action Plan and City Assistant Programme; 9) Concrete planning action/assistance programmes; 10) Review of micro-planning in 12 pilot communities; 11) Conducting an assessment of current and potential roles of community level structures for service delivery; 12) Formulation of integrated community-level settlement improvement investment plans; 13) Institutionalisation of community-level structures for service delivery; 14) Conducting City-Donor Consultation for the adoption of the result of the Programme; 15) Conducting replication workshop.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Institutionalisation of regular services for the poor (ii) Strengthened capacity for stakeholders for participation in the implemantation of the CDS (iii) Improvement of co-ordinating mechanisms for the implementation of the CDS, highlighting institutional strengthening of the MCH and civil society.