Khulna (Bangladesh): Options for Sustainable Urban Upgrading



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This proposal is a follow-up to the completed Khulna CDS which identified the need for sustainable urban upgrading, improved basic service provision, and some form of secure tenure. The current proposal will be the starting point for addressing these issues in a holistic and long-term manner by assisting the World Bank, Khulna City Corporation, and the Government of Bangladesh in formulating a long-term strategy for sustainable upgrading of informal settlements.
The key objective of the study will be to assist the World Bank (WB), Khulna City Corporation (KCC) and the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) formulate a viable strategy for sustainable upgrading of informal settlements in the country.
a) Document existing urban informal settlements in Khulna and prepare a database with information on land, housing and service conditions in these settlements;   b) Document key lessons learned from past experiences of urban upgrading, particularly in the context of Khulna; and  c) Identify key stakeholders and prepare a framework for wider discussions and stakeholder involvement.
Expected Impacts and Results
(1) Better living conditions in the various informal settlements in Khulna;  (2) Improved services and strengthened social capital;  (3) Improved tenure security.