Johannesburg: City Level CDF and Slum Upgrading



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South Africa


The City of Johannesburg, the premier metropolitan area of South Africa, is undertaking a major city development strategy, including a fiscal, financial, and institutional reform of the city.
1) Upgrading of one of the largest urban informal settlements in South Africa;  2) Design of a local economic development program;  3) Creation of metropolitan utilities;  4) Implementation of an urban safety net program;  5) Development of a unified fiscal management system.
1) Complete technical, fiscal, and community plans;  2) Deepen participatory process -Design of community delivery systems, especially in water and sanitation;  3) Design programs for SME development in the city using Johannesburg public procurement reform to enable SME access to economic opportunity and credit;  4) Design of metropolitan health district, especially the community primary health systems;  5) Complete the formation of utilities (water, electricity, and waste);  6) Design community policing and community process for addressing the problems of violence, especially in the informal sectors.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Amalgamated city management system created;  2) Financial management and treasury system implemented;  2) Utility and district structure for water/sanitation, electricity, waste, transport, health, and security implemented;  3) Slum-upgrading program in place with key indicators of increased access to services and secure tenure arrangements implemented;  4) Poverty and service access tracking system implemented;  5) A local economic development strategy with pilots focused on small and medium industry implemented.