Informal Economy Budget Analysis in Monrovia (IEBA)



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As part of its focus on the informal economy and engagement with informal worker associations, the Cities Alliance seeks to hire a firm to work with the CA Secretariat and the Country Programme team to carry out research on the into metropolitan and national budgets through the lens of the urban informal economy focusing on the greater Monrovia urban area.
III. SCOPE OF WORK The scope of the consultancy is to: I. Review budget documents from each level of government and interview relevant officials II. Convene key informant interviews and focus group discussions with informal vendors and other informal worker groups as appropriate III. Hold interviews with other key stakeholders IV. Prepare a draft report for internal and external review from the Cities Alliance V. Submit a final report with Executive Summary and policy recommendations IV. STUDY AREA AND METHODOLOGY The research interventions will be restricted to the metropolitan area of greater Monrovia in the geographical areas administered by the following 12 LGAs: Monrovia City Corporation, Paynesville City Corporation, New Georgia Township, Garwolon Township, West Point Township, Congo Town, Gardnersville Township, Barnersville Township, Johnsonville Township, Dixville Township, Caldwell Township and the Borough of New Kru Town. This classification derives from the official Liberian Institute of Statistics and Geo-Informational Systems (LISGIS). The research should examine how government budgets address the needs and interests of different groups of informal workers and explore what opportunities exist for informal workers (or their representatives) to participate at different stages of the budget process. The final report should present issues and recommendations in a way that will assist policymakers in making informed decisions that will enhance public policy and assist people who work informally. The firm should leverage similar research, expertise and knowledge from other West African cities to support the capacity of local stakeholders in greater Monrovia with the conceptualization, design and implementation of this research piece. The firm should ensure that the data gathered could be used for the relevant local and national authorities as well as for capacity development purposes. Data collection and validation should build around participatory processes as much as possible.
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