Indonesia, Province of Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY): Regional Development and Poverty Reduction Plan through Strategic Urban – Rural Linkages and Regional Integration



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City Development Strategies (CDS) with a perspective of regional integration will assist the provincial government level in regional coordination through the development of instruments which are compatible with the concepts of CDS at the local level and the national planning instruments.
1) Further development of existing urban planning instruments reflecting visions for sustainable economic growth, balanced economic development and poverty reduction;  2) Inclusion of a regional perspective into urban development planning;  3) Dissemination of practical experiences and lessons learned;  4) Assistance in the preparation of cross-regional financing and investment plans.
1) Review and update existing planning instruments (atlases) with a view to regional integration;  2) Articulate strategies for urban development in a regional context;  3) Formulate guidelines for inter-provincial, inter-municipal and urban-rural coordination and propose mechanisms for stakeholder participation at a regional level;  4) Develop mechanisms for planning, financing, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation of inter-provincial investment programmes;  5) Support dissemination of the results and assist local and provincial governments in preparing inputs for annual budgeting.
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Regional scope will expose more clearly environmental impacts of urban growth;  2) Strengthening of participatory processes;  3) Advocacy of political reform and consensus-building;  4) Leveraging of assets and mobilisation of financial resources.