Improving Tenure Security and New Housing Options for the Urban Poor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia



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Building upon the City Development Strategy, this project is designed to demonstrate practical alternatives to the current policy of dislocating the urban poor.
The Objectives of the project are to: 1) Improve security for low-income households in Phnom Penh;  2) Identify options for reducing the cost of entry to affordable shelter;  3) Identify available sites suitable for voluntary relocation;  4) Strengthen the pro-poor capacity of public agencies.
1) Identification of exposed settlements Introduction of temporary Occupations Licences Analysis of existing regulatory regime Identification of priority sites;  2) Identification of appropriate delivery methods;  3) Workshops with all affected stakeholders.
Expected Impacts and Results
Through demonstrating the wide range of existing tenure options, the main impact of this activity will be to demonstrate pragmatic and impementable alternatives to the present policy of relocating residents of unauthorised slum settlements. The adoption of new approaches to this issue is expected to have a beneficial impact on the lives of slum dwellers, and contribute to urban poverty reduction.