Improvement of living environment in flood prone slum areas in Cambodia through community-based waste management strategies



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The main objective of this activity is to promote human development of urban poor dwellers in selected Cambodian cities through developing pro-poor environment policies and strategies, as well as building the capacities of urban poor communities and local governments in disaster management.
The specific objectives of the project are to: 1) build capacities of selected urban poor communities and city governments to manage disasters; 2) develop and further strengthen effective, pro-poor citywide strategies on waste treatment and solid waste management; 3)provide inputs to strengthen the policy environment for the urban poor.
1) Selection of 5 target cities by joint selection committee; 2) Preparation of inputs to Slum Management Policies and Strategies; 3) Assessment of Safe Sanitary Requirement; Feasibility Study on Household Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities; 4) Feasibility Study for Provision of Community Based Composting; 5) Key Stakeholder Public Awareness Workshops; 6) Citywide Pro-Poor Slum Environment Improvement Strategy Formulation.
Expected Impacts and Results
Improved coherence among agencies involved in various aspects of urban development; strengthened environmental inputs to the national policy discussions. Improved policy environment for the urban poor from the perspective of environmental improvement, disaster management, and life improvement Effective formulation of local waste management policies. Contribution to the future reduction of waste discharge to water bodies and coastal waters in flood prone areas. Change in people’s behavior promoted through educating them on the safe and proper treatment of waste and health in flood-prone areas.