Hyderabad City-Wide Slum Upgrading Action Plan



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Lesson Learned for Cities Alliance Members and Partners
Database and information system is critical for formulating investment proposals through systematic process. HSUAP has enabled Hyderabad to become the first city to have a computerized and dynamic slum information system making available digitized slum maps, data and information system. The Slum Information System is now institutionalized. The HSUAP has developed robust experience and process for developing information base and framework on comprehensive slum upgrading which could help replication in other cities. Slum upgrading action plans are essential for making cities inclusive and for creating slum free cities. The HSUAP has enabled GHMC to systematically raise resources and channelize for comprehensive slum upgrading by mainstreaming with JNNURM programme and its internal budgetary allocations and the city is on its course to become a slum free city in two to three years.


This initiative aims to develop an agreed, costed and timetabled action plan for citywide upgrading of the city’s under-serviced settlements, to enable Hyderabad to become a ‘city without slums’.
Undertake a citywide survey of slums and informal settlements and prepare a strategy and action plan for their upgrading; Ensure a needs-based prioritisation of slum upgrading, including using approaches that have been developed by the DFID-supported Andhra Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor programme; Gather information on status of land tenure of settlements, obtain valid information on new settlements and the options for new in-migrants and extended family members of existing slums residents.
1) A city-wide survey of slums and informal settlements;  2) A classification of slum types based on land tenure and settlement history, physical vulnerability with an analysis of options to improve security of tenure for the residents;  3) Preparation of a draft analytical report on citywide options for slum upgrading, including cost implications and options for cost sharing or innovative financing mechanisms;  4) Consultation on strategic options and drafting of an Action Plan by a multi-stakeholder Task Force.
Expected Impacts and Results
(i) Encourage allocations for slum upgrading both under APURMS and through the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad’s own budget resources, to prioritise investment in the poorest and most service deficient settlements in the city (ie. needs-based);  (ii) The enhancement of land tenure security for slum residents is likely to result in increased own investment in habitat improvement;  (iii) The Strategic Analysis Report and its wide discussion, should encourage difficult decisions to be taken by the city and State authorities enabling a consensus Action Plan for citywide upgrading and slum regularisation to be adopted.