Housing Sector Study



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The Government of Ethiopia is considering comprehensive adjustments to its housing policy, with an increased emphasis on the needs of the urban poor, for which strategic Cities Alliance support is requested.
The Government of Ethiopia, World Bank and GTZ will collaborate to: 1) Identify strategic entry points for government, private sector and donor action in the housing sector, particularly for the urban poor;  2) Suggest mechanisms for improving and accelerating effective housing initiatives for the urban poor; Contribute to housing sector reforms;  3) Contribute to the development of a National Housing Policy or Guideline
1) Analysis of the proposed Low Income Housing Programme;  2) Undertake an analysis of land use plans, land and housing initiatives and markets in major cities;  3) Analyse ways to increase private sector participation in the housing sector;  4) Analyse housing safety net issues;  5) Undertake preliminary work towards a national housing policy
Expected Impacts and Results
1) Improved efficiency and impact of the Government of Ethiopia’s programmes for low-income housing and urban upgrading;  2) Development of a framework for a national housing policy;  3)Improved community and private sector participation and investment in housing in Ethiopia