Greater Amman Development Strategy



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Development in Amman is guided by its Development Plan 2002-2006, that contains specific objectives and programmes targeting a wide range of sectors. However, after two years of implementation the city faces serious limitations, that traditional urban planning cannot overcome. The proposed CDS, consequently, focuses on urban governance, municipal reform and a citywide slum upgrading plan.
i) To improve the mechanisms of urban governance in Greater Amman; ii) To enhance the performance of the municipal urban development department in initiating urban upgrading of squatter settlements, updating the Amman Master Plan, as well as in improving the documentation of urban land use and data; and iii) To adopt city-wide upgrading of squatter settlements and refugee camps, building on the successful experience of upgrading four settlements.
Developing a future vision of Amman shared by all stakeholders; Translating that vision into goals; Setting out specific objectives to be achieved; Translating those objectives into tangible programmes; and Developing specific action plans according to the priorities agreed upon through consultation with stakeholders.
Expected Impacts and Results
  1) Improved overall performance and efficiency of municipal departments; 2)  Improved urban planning practices; and 3) proved policies/mechanisms for upgrading the living conditions of urban squatter settlements and refugee camps.