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SafetiPin is a mobile app that has been designed to collect and share information about factors that cause safety and the lack of it in cities. SafetipIn was launched in November and has a data base of approximately 10,000 safety audits mostly in Delhi and in a few other cities. Statistical modeling done using Delhi data has shown that it is possible to predict the ‘feeling’ of safety based on scores of individual parameters with a high level of confidence. This has helped set the foundation for this project.
The first is to establish that the ‘feeling’ of safety can be predicted in other cities as well. This will be done by the experiment as part of the pilot where a pre-decided number of people (men and women) will conduct audits in different parts of the city and these findings will be cross checked with the findings from the pilot to establish the correlation between feeling and the different parameters. The second aim is to collect data at a scale where it is meaningful at a city level.
Specific Objectives/Key Activities/Components Objective 1 To record night-time data in Bogotá (Colombia), Nairobi (Kenya) and Delhi (India) Activity 1.1: Controlled experiment in Delhi, Nairobi and Bogota Activity 1.2: City pilot in Delhi, Nairobi and Bogota Activity 1.3: Data collection in Delhi, Nairobi and Bogota Activity 1.4: Repeat data collection on 10% of routes at project end Objective 2 Conversion of data into safety audits on SafetiPin (app) Activity 2.1: Development of software for data capture and codification Activity 2.2: Setting up facility for codification in Delhi Activity 2.3: Codification and Uploading of data to server Objective 3 To establish partnerships with stakeholders in each city Activity 3.1 Reaching out to key stakeholders (government and civil society) to create partnerships and use data. Objective 4 To consolidate findings that emerged from the data collected Activity 3.2: Planning and carrying out initiatives to address gaps and problems brought out by data Objective 5 To share and disseminate findings that emerge from the data collected Activity 4.1: Preparing detailed report for each city Activity 4.2: Workshop in Delhi with participants from 3 cities Activity 4.3: Sharing good practices and data through online, offline, media, social media and other means
Expected Impacts and Results
Outcome 1: Enhanced personal safety using SafetiPin with comprehensive city data Outcome 2: Improved planning of services and initiatives that impact safety Outcome 3: Increased data about safety and the factors that cause feelings of safety or the lack of it